Faking Your Way to Brilliance

Punctuated with a droll, dry wit, Bart King's The Pocket Guide to Brilliance is a goldmine of treasures guaranteed to sharpen your IQ. Brilliant people think deeper, know more, and get better haircuts than the rest of us. But with Bart's new book you can join their ranks. Filled with interesting facts about brilliant people like the first female journalist, Anne Royall, who forced an interview with John Quincy Adams by stealing his clothes while he was skinny dipping, The Pocket Guide to Brilliance will both entertain and inform.

With tongue firmly in cheek, Bart offers the following advice for faking your way to brilliance:

1. Keep your brain nimble and strong by developing long-term memory.
—Hire a personal trainer for your mind
—Learn a foreign language
—Get an “intellectual devotional”!

2. Maintain a sense of humor.
— The Journal of General Psychology found a strong relationship between intelligence and joke comprehension.
—“How to tell a joke” (p. 11)

3. Work on having an open mind: Seek out the opinions of people who differ from you, and be willing to adjust your thinking as a result.
—Results of a comparison of the “intellectual openness” of the US presidents

4. Use your new-found brilliance to engage the world!
—Call a congressperson. Write a letter to the editor. Watch AM Northwest!

5. Frame your Mensa certificate above your copy of The Pocket Guide to Brilliance.


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