How to Tell if Your Guy is Lying

Deborah King, author of Truth Heals: What You Hide Can Hurt You, offered insightful commentary on what we can learn from the body language of our significant others.  Deborah’s five body language signals that show your man isn’t interested, or is lying, are:

1.     His mouth smiles, but his eyes do not

2.     He won’t look you in the eye

3.     He tends to scratch his nose, ears, face when talking to you.

4.     Turns his body, leans away from you

5.     Puts an object between you and him when in a conversation with you.

Five signs that your relationship may be heading down the tubes:

1.       Does he tap his fingers when you try to talk to him? Does she pull back every time you lean towards her?  Not good.

2.       If you’re sitting in a restaurant and his eyes are following every woman who walks by, or she’s avoiding eye contact, chances are that dessert won’t be too sweet.

3.       If she shrugs off your hand when you reach for hers (or vice versa), or moves away when you go to put your arm around her shoulder, it’s a warning sign.

4.       If she’s got her arms crossed hugging her body while you’re talking to her (assuming it’s not cold in the room and she’s just freezing), then she’s not very receptive to you. When a man folds his arms across his chest, it usually means he's protecting himself.

5.       Have you stopped greeting each other with a smile and a hug? No words necessary to know the closeness is gone.


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