Exercises to Improve Your Golf Game

Fitness Expert, Beth Oliver, joined us today to make Dave's day:  she showed him exercises she says will target muscles we need to be better golfers! 

Here is Beth's information and exercises:

Golf is a really interesting game from a training point of view, because you need more power than most people would think, but you also need a lot of flexibility, especially in the muscles of the trunk.  So when you are training to improve your game, you have to focus on the combination of stability and mobility.

Here are some simple exercise you can do at home with minimal equipment.  Of course, there are lots of ways to change up these exercise if you are in a gym and have access to more equipment.


Squat with overhead lift: 

  • Stand with feet around shoulder width, holding a weight or a training ball. 
  • Squat back as if sitting into a chair lowering the weight towards the floor.
  • As you stand lift the weight or training ball over head with straight arms. 
  • Be aware that you do not arch your back as the arms lift over head. 
  • Do 10-15x

Squat with woodchopper:

  • Begin as above. 
  • As you squat lower the weight or training ball to the outside of your left foot. 
  • As you stand swing your arms up on a diagonal to end over your right shoulder. 
  • Do 10-12x, then reverse.

Core Strengtheners:

Hands and knees Rotation:

  • Set up on your hands and knees in a table top position. 
  • Put your right hand behind your head. 
  • Rotate to the right. 
  • Do 10-15x , then reverse


  • In a prone position on the elbows with the legs extended, weight on balls of feet. 
  • Keep the body in a flat line without the hips sagging. 
  • Lift right leg and hold for 10 seconds. 
  • Repeat left. 
  • Repeat as many times as your fitness level allows.

Rotation on the ball: 

  • Lay supine with back on the ball, feet on floor hip width apart, hips lifted into a bridge position. 
  • Lift arms above chest with palms together. 
  • Rotate arms and trunk to right, then back to center. 
  • Reverse. 
  • Repeat 6-10x

Shoulder Strengtheners:

Rotator Cuff:

  • Sitting on the ball with light weights in hand, hold arms up like a goal post.
  • Keep upper arms stable and rotate lower ams down so the wrists are level to elbow.
  • Reverse. 
  • Repeat 10-15x

Lateral swing: 

  • Sitting on the ball, with feet wide, lean slightly forward in a golf posture. 
  • With a weight in your right hand, swing a straight arm from low diagonal left to right diagonal high.
  • Do other arm 


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