Change Your Decor for the Seasons -- with things you already have

Changing your decor with the seasons using what you have rather than buying new is a fun way to showcase some of your treasures that might otherwise be hidden away and unused.
Professional organizer, Sue Caster, joined us today to show how this can be done using her philosophy of reduce- reuse-redecorate, while keeping it simple and organized.

Sue's philosophy is reduce, reuse, reOrganize --  and it works with reDecorating and reModeling too.

Here are a few of her tips:

Topic: changing things up with your decor reusing what you have, reducing what you buy and all stored in a very organized way!

  • When you change your decorative pillow cases for spring, fold up and store the winter pillow cases inside.
  • Have a box on your coffee table that is decorative and can store the off-seasons things.  Sue changes candles and fabric (brighter colors for spring) with the seasons. 
  • Use fresh flowers or greens from your yard reflecting each season and it's colors.
  • Change out frames to go with the color scheme of the season.  Sue showed how she stores each season's artwork inside one frame -- so it's all in one place.

Here's a great idea for what to do with your kid's team sports pictures and their yearly school photos:

  • Store each year's new picture on top of last year's picture in the same frame
  • Give it to your child when they graduate from high school for a great walk down memory lane!


If you don't have fabric, before you buy, use a scarf or shawl that you love but may not wear alot.  Or, when you travel, buy that sort of thing.  It's not expensive and easy to store for when you need it. My philosophy is, let's look through your closets and see what you have.  You may be surprised what you do have and the different ways it can be used. If not a shawl or scarf, an old blouse or dress that you love but never wear can be made into pillow covers. The idea is to get creative with what you have.

As for how to deal with changing trends, if you use something that makes you smile when you look at it, it doesn't matter what color or texture it is because it brings back good memories. Plus more interesting conversations are sparked from something different and unique in your home rather than something you bought that happens to be the current trend. But if you're still not sold or don't have anything that works, think of something you've picked up along the way that you love and want to display and buy pillow covers or table runners to go with that. You might have different pieces for different seasons which would dictate both the color and texture changes.

Also, Use flowers from your yard as color determiners in your decor.

You can contact Sue Caster via email at 


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