Finding Love!

Donna Dzwonkas, Dating Coach, had advice for people who say they've tried everything to find love but still sit home alone on weekends.

Why are there so many single people who want to be in a relationship, but they're not?

1. People work long hours – their time or energy is limited. They are single parents.

2. Currently people are unemployed and believe they are unworthy because they are not working.

3. Some people are stuck in a comfort zone and do not put themselves in an environment that allows them to meet someone single.

4. Divorced/widowed people who haven’t been single in years are clueless how to go about meeting a single person.  They don’t know what is proper on the first few dates and the tendency is to dive into a new relationship too fast or they haven’t started dating yet.

Some Solutions:

1. Challenge yourself by getting out of your comfort zone, attend a singles event, post an online ad for 1 month, (but learn how to be effective with this. 
2. Couples out there, reach out to your single friends by helping them.  Pay for your friend to attend a singles event and encourage them to get out of their comfort zone.
3. Single people, drop the bar a little, stop looking for someone who has every one of the qualities you desire. Be realistic.
4. Go on a practice date.  It’s only a date. Meet someone and give it a chance, have a nice dinner, go dancing or listen to music afterwards and take a walk afterwards.  Remind yourself of the feeling of what it is like to go on a date and be cared for and be appreciated for the woman or man you are.  When a man brings a small bouquet of flowers for her on the first date and the woman is dressed femininely, that ignites chemicals in the brain and triggers the memory of what it is like to be adored. This is helpful for people who have not been on a date in a long time.
5. For those who drink, limit your alcohol intake during the date.

6. Being courteous to others helps to handle rejection.  If you have been emailing the person several times or you meet in person and they want to make plans to get together again, let them know in a warm manner that there is not a connection on your part when you are not interested rather than not return their call.  Wish them well and be nice about it. Learn to not take it personally when you are rejected.  Rejection is part of the process of finding someone special.  At the end of the date: don’t say,  “Let’s get together again” or “I’ll call you” when you aren’t interested in seeing them again. Just say thanks for getting together or "I wish you luck".

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