Burglar-proof Your Home

While burglary in Portland is down thieves are always looking for an opportunity and Sgt. Michael Marshman, Executive Officer for Services Branch of the Chief's Office of the Portland Police Bureau, told us about the latest trend: burglars reading the obituaries printed in the newspaper. He says they then internet search the name of the person to get the address, then MapQuest the address and do the burglary during the funeral service.  Most people are so busy with funeral services, legal paperwork, etc, that they are not thinking of all the items of value that Mom/Dad and/or Grandma/Grandpa have in their home.  Once the home is burglarized, the family has no idea of what they had other then they had valuable items.  This produces more headaches for the homeowner with insurance companies.
So, one solution is to never print the obituary in the paper.  If people feel they must do this, print it after the service.  In either situation, it is best to have a home sitter while the family goes through the home and secures all of the valuable items.  This process may take some time.
In addition to the above there are basic steps you can take to safeguard your home and valuables:

  • - photograph all valuables in the home
  • - good lighting
  • - keep bushes trimmed low so people can't work on doors and windows out of view of the passing public
  • - keep doors and windows locked
  • - do not have papers and mail stack up while you are on vacation
  • - do not leave windows open when you are away during the summer hot months in order to keep the home cool

To watch a video from the Portland Police click here. To report a non-emergency burglary call 503-823-3333.


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