Tips for Taking Terrific Pictures

Local professional photographer, Sherri Diteman, stopped by today to share her top 5 tips for taking snapshots worth showing off.

  • Take your photos when your subject is less aware of the camera. Most people (especially adults) become incredibly self conscious when the camera is on them. Shooting when they're not aware creates more spontaneous, natural looking photographs. 
  • (connected to the prior tip) Smiles aren't always the most interesting-photograph different emotions. Don't always ask your subject to smile-can be contrived & train little ones to not be able to have a photo taken w/out saying "cheese" 
  • Turn off your flash-unless completely necessary. Flash, more often than not will kill a good shot. Let the natural light & shadows help shape image. Will be more dramatic/interesting.
  • Don't be afraid to get close. Unless the background/environment is part of the composition-zoom in closer to your subject-  have them fill the frame.
  • Actually print your photos!! do them as you go otherwise in this digital age you'll have a computer full of images & no real photographs.

For inspiration before your next picture-taking session,  check out Sherri's website.


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