It's Better to Give than Receive!

Life Transition Coach, Diane Dennis, had an antidote to fear in these tough economic times.

1. Worry
We worry about our IRA not being enough
We worry we might lose our job or not get another one
We think our worries are bigger than others or people with more money
2. Antidote
What do you have that you can celebrate?
There is always someone less fortunate than you
At the root of worry is fear.
Give gratitude for all you are, have and have done (people don’t give themselves credit!)
3. The Daily New—Turn around news stories
The news reports that Oregonian has a 12 percent unemployment rate!
That means that 88 percent of Oregonians are employed!!
The news reports that big companies are laying off people!
That means that big companies are reserving their assets to stay in business!
4. Gratitude and Prosperity are a State of Mine
My coaching story: I was coaching a lady in Washington DC. She lost her job.
I kept coaching her without pay. She had some risk factors for re-entering an abusive relationship. Happy ending: She found a new job, has stayed away from the man and now she sends me positive affirmations about life. When she thanked me a flood of gratitude entered and in that moment I didn’t care about the economy, that I hadn’t made any money from this client. MENTAL POVERTY ENDS THIS WAY: A PERSON’S STATUS CAN CHANGE, NOT BY RECEIVING BUT BY GIVING
5. Re wire our perceptions of resources:
What do you have that is a gift for others to receive?
Bartering is the new form of exchange : win/win
Stop Comparing ourselves to others: Dividing ourselves into haves and have nots is a lose- lose proposition.

Diane is giving a free talk, "Prosperity is a State of Mind", 6 pm, June 9th at 4200 SW Watson Ave in Beaverton. Call 503-644-2800 for reservations. To follow Diane on Twitter click here.




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