Keep Kids Safe Around Water This Summer!

Pediatrician, Dr. George Bengston, had advice every parent needs to know to keep their kid's pool safe this summer.

Over 900 children under the age of 15 drowned in 2002, making it the second leading cause of unintentional injury-related death in that age group.
Over half of the drownings in the 1-4 year old age group were pool related.
It's been found that most children who drown in swimming pools were in the care of a parent at the time, and were out of sight for less than 5 minutes.
Drownings are usually quick and silent. Once underwater, a child will lose consciousness within 2 minutes; within 4-6 minutes, irreversible brain damage happens. Approximately 20% of near-drowning victims suffer permanent brain damage.
Never leave your children alone in or around water, even for a moment. Children in swimming pools need to be supervised by adults who know CPR at all times.
For children age 4 and under, the supervising adult should be within an arm's length providing "touch supervision" at all times.
A 4-sided fence that separates your house from the pool is the only scientifically proven way to prevent drowning. Use gates that self-close and latch. Make sure latches are higher than your children's reach. Never prop gates open.
Keep rescue equipment and a telephone by the pool.
Children are generally not developmentally ready for formal swimming lessons until after they have reached their fourth birthday.
Teach your child to swim once they are ready. However, swimming lessons will not provide "drown proofing" for children of any age.
Don't let your child use air-filled "swimming aids" because they are not a substitute for approved life vests and can be dangerous.
Remove all toys from the pool after use so children aren't tempted to reach for them.



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