Be A Good Wedding Guest

Wedding Planner Nora Sheils (nee' Totonchy) joined us today to share ways we can all be better wedding guests.

In General

  • First and foremost…RSVP on time!
  • Do not bring or rsvp for uninvited kids/guests. The inner envelope tells you who is or isn’t invited
  • Send a gift in advance…base the amount of gift on your relationship and use registry
  • Avoid contacting the couple the week of the wedding with questions
  • Female guests should not wear any shade of white
  • Black is not taboo
  • Pay attention to the invitation…if nothing is noted... Afternoon: sundress or skirt, light suit or shirt and tie. Evening, cocktail dresses for women and darker suits
  • Don't wear anything too flashy

The Ceremony

  • You should get to the ceremony on time -- this is not an event to be "fashionably late" for.
  • Do not consider ditching the ceremony and just going to the reception. You've been invited as an honored guest to watch this couple get married. Don't just mooch off them for food and booze.

The Reception

  • Don’t change seating assignment
  • As far as dancing goes, guests generally follow the lead of the couple
  • You should stay at least until after the cake has been cut.

For more information, visit Nora's website.


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