Shape up for Summer with Rubber Bands

Fitness expert, Beth Oliver, joined us today to show some fun and effective exercises with fitness bands -- to help us shape up for summer. Since the bands are so compact, they can easily fit in your luggage so you can take these moves with you on your next vacation!

1) To work your lats (in your back)
- Take a wide stance
- Turn body over your front leg
- Raise the band above your head
- Don’t put too much space between your hands
- Pull band behind the back, stretching shoulders apart (similar to lap pull down in gym)
- Repeat steps
*For bigger challenge, fold band in half for more resistance.

2) To work your biceps, stretches calves
    -Place band under feet, hold both ends
    -Make sure palms of hands are forward
    -Squat like you are sitting in a chair
    -Pull up on band w/ arms like you are doing curls
    -Repeat steps

3) To train your back muscles and triceps
-Stand on band with one foot
    -Raise one leg back while leaning forward
    -Hold both ends of the band and pull elbows up; tuck elbows in.
    -This is like a rowing motion

4) To train your core muscles

    -Sit on the band
    -Lift feet in front of you while flexing knees
    -With hands at shoulder height holding the band, do a “boat pose.” Make sure band is behind the arms and then push up.

5) To work your biceps, shoulders, and the back sides of your arms

    -Take a wide stance, one foot in the front. 
    -Arms are shoulder width apart, palms down.
    -With arms straight ahead, pull one arm back, like a bow and arrow.
    -Unfold elbow and straighten arms.

6) To work the chest and back/shoulder muscles
    -Wrap band behind back
    -When holding band, palms down.
    -Push forward like a chest press and do reps.
    *To make this more challenging, squat as you are doing this.


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