Is Denial Costing You?

Sometimes we don't want to acknowledge our own fears, emotions, prejudices and this limits our ability to confront them and reach our goals.  Stephanie Somanchi provides us with steps that can be taken to acknowledge the problem, let go of the guilt, and move on to living your best.

1) Admit the problem: Anger, jealousy, resentment, fear, etc – No one wants to feels these feelings, but it is important to admit it when you experience these emotions. 

2) Don't Judge: Having an experience or emotion isn’t good or bad – it is just information.

3) Understand: Seek to understand where the emotion is coming from.

4) Act Towards Your Best: After you have admitted your emotions without judgment and understand why they have occurred, you are now in the best place to make a decision that leads to your best. 


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