Household Hints

Brad from Gresham, OR

When I’m paingint, I usually lay down newspaper to help with the spills. But an ordinary paper plate, glued to the bottom of the paint can is much more convenient. Spreading newspapers must be moved every time the can is shifted from one place to another but this method is much easier and saves you hald the mess.

Alice from Portland, OR

Have some old paint samples lying around? It’s quick and simple to reuse them and turn them into name placers when you need to arrange dinner guests. Cut or rip off colors from the strip, write names on card, and fold to make a standing place card. If you have a range of samples, match each person to his or her favorite shade for a technicolor tabletop.

Josh from Aloha, WA

It’s such a pain when I’m doing laundry to try and find the pairs to all my socks when I’m finished. I find it’s helpful to keep some safety pins by my washing machine and pin the toes of the socks together so I save time matching them up after the laundry process.

Kelsey from Albany, OR

Use an angel food cake pan to cut corn off the cob and prevent a mess. Stick the cobb of corn in the center ring of the pan then use a knife to carve around the core of the cob. More corn, less cleanup!

William from Vancouver, WA

Use lifesavers candy to hold candles in place on a birthday cake (or any other cake). Place the lifesavers on the cake then slip the candle through. This also prevents wax from dripping onto the cake. Light the candle and when you are done, remove the lifesaver and candle.

Zack from Camas, WA

Chocolate can actually remove gum! If you get gum stuck on your clothes or hair, melt some chocolate and rub some of it into the gum. The chocolate dissolves the chewing gum’s stickiness – so it can be pulled, brushed, or combed out instead of having to be cut.

Bethany from Milwaukee, OR

I’ve started to write my children’s chores on our white board only to realize I used permanent marker. But, don’t panic! The secret is to actually let the permanent markers dry and then go over it with the dry erase pen. Dip a papertowel in a little bit of water, then rub it off and watch it erase!


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