Making Marriage Work

Self-esteem Coach Laure Redmond joined us with some simple ways we can make our marraige work.  

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  1. Allow conflict to happen, but do it with respect:  Conflict and difficulty can be wonderful gateways to a stronger marriage if you know how to chart the course respectfully.
  2. Allow us our emotions and we’ll allow golf:  As women, many times, we just want to be heard and we want you to be an empathetic listener. Give us a minute to feel anxious and/or angry --- then we can talk about it, not before.
  3. Tell each other your hot buttons early on:  This is what makes me mad and this is what makes you irritated. Know this in advance so you won’t take it so personally.
  4. The couple that plays together stays together:  Which doesn’t mean you have to take up golf, but a backgammon match, bowling, badminton, gin rummy … shared fun is important.
  5. Remember your beginning:  When you look back at the person you first fell in love with, it’s a loving way to think of them in the present moment.
  6. Let the other person be right:  When arguments get nasty, the one who got the nastiest has to give the most energy to healing the other person’s hurt. It’s worth it to swallow pride and say you’re wrong.
  7. Make time for sex, even if you’re not in the mood:  Making love brings you spiritually closer.
  8. Don’t stay together for the children’s sake:  The most important relationship is the relationship of the couple. This sets up the foundation for everything else, including the children.

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