"The New Global Student" author Maya Frost

Maya Frost, author of "The New Global Student" joined us in our studios today to tell us how to help our kids skip the S.A.T, save thousands on tuition and get a truly international education.

Maya Frost’s Top 10 Reasons to Consider the Bold School Approach:

  1. You are ready to ditch the college-prep drama and get calm, clear and creative in order to discover the best education options available. 
  2. You prefer to focus on learning (not just achievement) and you seek less stress and much more inspiration along the way. 
  3. You want to save thousands of dollars on college expenses without sacrificing the quality of education or the opportunities for personal development.
  4. You question the current SAT/GPA/AP approach to getting into college and want to avoid standardized measures.
  5. You want to take advantage of the most inexpensive and beneficial exchange programs and study abroad options available.
  6. You know that you are fully capable of making your own best decisions based on your research (and the info in The New Global Student).
  7. You want to finish high school early in order to dive into higher education.
  8. You are ready to look beyond math and science and prepare for the global workplace in creative ways.
  9. You want to spend time abroad with your family and give your kids some great global skills.
  10. You want to make bolder (and more personal) life choices that may include living and working in other countries. 

You can meet Maya in person at the following free event:


Brown Bag with Maya (westside)

  •  noon to 1pm Hillsboro Public Library
  •  2850 NE Brookwood Pkwy (in front--facing the pond)
  •  Bring your lunch!

 To find out more about Maya's book, "The New Global Student" check our our books page and this website.


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