How to be a Happy Single

Dating Coach Donna Dzwonkas had tips for single people looking to attract a partner into their lives. The importance of a vibrant healthy spirit is the key why certain single people can meet other singles and begin a long-term relationship.

This is an important trait that allows you to meet a healthy, happy minded person.  You may be physically attractive, exercise and take care of your body but those aspects are noticed more when your inner spirit is shining brightly.   Having an admirable attitude is apparent to others, who will want to meet you and make plans with you and get to know you more.

How to enhance your inner spirit and become a magnet to attract others?

If you tend to be a gossiper, or depressed, are happy only on occasion, you will not attract a happy person with a great attitude.  If you want added joy, more happiness then make a conscious decision to change your thought patterns and be happy and use resources to help you get there.


Keep a daily gratitude list.  Buy a notebook and start your day while eating breakfast by writing down 5 things you are grateful for.  As your thinking about these, spend time feeling how wonderful you feel when you reflect on them.  Too busy to keep a list?  Practice mental gratitude. Notice when someone does something thoughtful for you and appreciate it and verbally tell the person what you are grateful for.

A common turn off for single people is when a person they are just getting to know talks too long about their negative divorce.  Why would anyone enjoy hearing your long depressing story? If you had a nasty divorce don’t share your story at the beginning of a meeting someone.  Later when appropriate and you have connected with someone share this, but keep it brief.

Spend time in stillness and silence daily or when possible.  If you feel you are too busy to sit still 5 minutes is helpful.  Start your day off this way with gratitude and stillness and end your day the same way.

Be present when talking and listening to someone.  Being fully present in a conversation or at a lecture allows you to really get the funny stories and laugh loudly.  Be sure you laugh on a regular basis.  If people around you are not funny, go to a comedy club on a regular basis or watch Dave and Helen on this show.   Learn to laugh, even at something you did.

Allow good thoughts in your mind and stop the unhealthy thoughts that take your spirit away.

Crank up the fun meter!  I’m going white water rafting all day on Saturday and will be floating over challenging rapids and swimming in the river throughout the day.  Ask yourself what is it that you crave to do for fun?  What has been on your bucket list but you haven’t done it yet? Schedule it!

Learn to become a good listener; it’s another way to create a vibrant spirit. People feel validated when you are fully present and listening to them. 

Smile often!  Create more peace in your life and be a peacemaker.

If you work long hours, cut back and smell the roses more, laugh, plan more fun things. 
Don’t live and breathe the negativity of our challenging times.  Look at the things that are forcing Americans to slow down and reevaluate what’s more important, materialism or being genuinely happy and living in joy. 

If you don’t know how to do this get a Mastermind partner, create a vision board, go to a counselor, get coaching, and meditate.   Commit to working fewer hours. Any of these options will help you to enhance your spirit.

Crank up the fun meter and sit still in silence and do deep breathing on a regular basis, you will attract someone into your life when you have a healthy spirit.




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