How to Take Great Vacation Photos

From too much sky to frozen grins, taking a great vacation photo can be daunting. Photographer, Andrew Carlson, had some advice for improving the odds of getting a great picture.

Don't be shy, get close:

A picture is made better when you can see your subject, whether it is the details in someone's face, the emotion they are showing, or the important features of an object.  This can be accomplished by zooming in or physically getting closer with your camera.  Horizontal pictures shouldn't include legs or sky - that's not what the photography is about.  If you are doing a vertical picture, make sure that the subject is vertical as well.  Otherwise, you will only get a cluttered, confusing photograph.

Take candid shots:

Some photos are best when the subject has no idea you are shooting them.  You can capture them being themselves and expressing they're love for something.  Some people are camera shy and don't really like their photo being taken, so if you can do it discretely, you will end up bringing out the "real" individual instead of someone being forced into a picture.

Use the summer sun:

Some of the most dramatic, unique, and fun photos can come from using the bright summer light.  Since the days are longer, there are more opportunities for great pictures.  Sillouhettes (light behind the subject) can enhance the photo and make the viewer more interested in the figure "surrounded by darkness."  Light can make an ordinary photograph stand out from others and make the viewer feel like they are really there at that time of day.

Other tips:
Shoot everything and anything, shoot often:
Some of the coolest pictures can happen when you least expect them too...and your subject can change within minutes or even seconds.  By rapidly shooting with your camera, you can catch many different things...subtle differences can make or break a photo.  Plus, you have more photos to choose from when printing or sending them to friends and family.



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