The Mysterious World of Sharks!

People have long been fascinated with the ocean’s apex predator.  But before 1916, average Americans knew very little about sharks.  It was that year sharks made headlines as the New Jersey shore became a feeding ground, when five people were attacked in 12 days, triggering a nationwide panic.  It was the first multiple shark attack in American history, and the reason we fear sharks to this day.  Blood in the Water is a gripping two-hour drama that brings to life the true story that inspired Jaws, and kicks off this year’s Shark Week on Sunday, August 2, 2009, at 9PM on the Discovery Channel.

Marine Biologist Andy Dehart joined us to talk about the mysterious world of sharks. During Shark Week viewers can find out if sharks behave any differently during the day than at night; what makes certain areas of the world shark attack “hot spots”; and what still puzzles scientists about the most feared shark of them all — the great white.


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