Six Tips for Surviving a Lay-off

Nancy Hubbard was a successful career woman who was unexpectedly laid-off from her job in March. Since being laid-off she has blogged about her experience on and formed a group with other unemployed professionals to discuss the challnges of being laid off. Nancy had tips for emotionally, and financially, surviving a lay-off. For more on Nancy's experiences click here.

1) Find immediate ways to cut back (cut out dry cleaners, cut back cell phone plan, make time between hair appointments longer, paint your own nails, etc.) Doing these things will help you feel in control.

2) Get the word out that you’re looking (talk to anyone you know even people you don’t know (facebook, linkedin, former employers, neighbors, etc).

3) Have a worst case scenario back-up plan (moving in with parents, going on welfare, etc).

4) Go on informational interviews to find out if there are other careers that might interest you.

5) Consider taking a pay cut for a job you really love.

6) Try to find the silver lining (being able to run in the middle of the day, cooking better meals, more time with dogs (kids, husband), etc.).


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