Cut the Energy Drain & Get Those Summer Projects Done!

Most people save up projects to do during the summer months but then get overwhelmed and end up getting partial projects or no projects done at all! Life Coach, Stephanie Somanchi, had tips to get the energy back you lose to procrastination.

Thinking about all of the things you "should" do often overwhelms, paralyzes and drains energy.  Key strategies put the "shoulds" into check to regain energy and move forward.

Acknowledge the Tie

There is a string of energy going from you to the project.  Every thought about it leaves you with less energy.  You may even find yourself doing other projects simply to avoid the dreaded “should”.  People are often tired not only from what they have done, but from thinking about all of the things the “should have done.”

Make a Decision

The fastest way to reclaim your energy is to make a decision.  It cuts the tie between you and the “should”.  When that tie is cut, the energy that was going to the “should” is returned to you.  If simply doing the project is not possible these decisions can reenergize. 


Scale Back – Too often we take on the entire vision of a goal or idea.  It isn’t possible to do it all today.  You can’t get fit in a weekend or start a successful business in a week, but you can break it down into a very small piece that can be acted on right now.

Say No – It may not be the right project for your life right now.  Perhaps going back to school is a good idea for you, but this isn’t the best year for you.  Making the decision to put it off is better than holding it in the waiting area of your mind.

Develop Self Trust – You must do what you promise yourself.  If you say that you will work out for 10 minutes you must do it, and not berate yourself for not having done an hour.  There will be no motivation to accomplish a small goal if it is not awarded or acknowledged.  Let your mind be free and celebrate the accomplishment.  Cut the energy tie and be energized!


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