Back-to School Check-ups

Pediatrician, Dr. George Bengston, told us what every parent needs to know to get their child's medical records updated before they head back to school.

Sports Physicals
What to expect from Pre-Participation Visit (PPV)
* MORE than a normal checkup, not LESS *

 Components of normal “well care”
  Medical history since last visit
  Review of medicines, allergies, immunizations
  Family medical history (especially cardiac/neuro history)
  Review of family/school/social situation
  Thorough overall physical exam
Anticipatory guidance – what to expect next year or two
Alliance – “leaving the light on for you” (GB will explain)
 Extra ingredients w/ PPV
  Patient’s experience w/ sport or activity
  General discussion of injury/accident triage w/ athlete & parent
   Concussions, nosebleeds, respiratory, etc.
  Specific precautions for particular sports
   Head/eye/ear protection, etc.
   Conditioning/hydration precautions
  Availability of Rx meds at site of practice/competition
Red Flags – “Sports Physicals” to watch out for
 Unfamiliar examiner – try to schedule with your own physician
 Doc-in-the-box – Even if competent, there’s no continuity
 Dumbed-down physical exams
  “Heart/Lung/Bones” exam neglects important other areas
  Station-based exams – the “sheep-in-a-chute” approach
If they’re advertising the price, it’s probably cheap and potentially costly

Miscellaneous Reminders:
 Schedule early
 Bring the paperwork
 Do your own part of the paperwork before you come in
 Allow patient-athlete private time with doc if desired

Influenza/Flu Shots
What is this “Swine Flu”, anyway?
Influenza is a viral respiratory infection.
It comes in two flavors, A & B.
Within the “A” family is the H1N1 group.
Within the H1N1 is the “novel” H1N1 or “swine flu”.
**Current “regular flu shot” contains an H1N1, but not “swine flu” H1N1
How bad is this going to be?
 Those in the know predict 40% absenteeism at work/school this season

Who is most vulnerable?
 The usual suspects:  young, old, those w/ chronic illnesses

Status of the Swine Flu shot
 Currently in late stages of testing, mostly to work out the dosing
  (think this is happening in Seattle)
 **Two doses of the shot may be necessary for many people, since it's new


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