Back To School, Back to You

As fall rolls around and the kids get back to school, it’s time to get back to you!  Fitness Expert, Beth Oliver, joined us today to show us some tried and true basic exercises, but with a new spin on them. 

She combined two good exercises to make one GREAT exercise and then added an extra element to train the core.  The abdominal or core exercises are done standing, not laying on the floor like you might be used to.  This is important because it’s the way you use your core in everyday life…so much more effective. These exercises are easy to do at home and will save you time in your busy day!

Squat with chest press and rotation:

  • Step 1.   Set your feet slightly wider than shoulders.  With your weight in your heels, sit down and back, as if sitting into a chair.  Return to start position.  16x
  • Step 2.  Stand with feet hip width apart.  Place a resistance band around your upper back on under your armpits.  Holding one end in each hand, press forward extending the arms almost straight.  Return to start. 16x
  • Step 3: Combine the two movements, sitting into the squat as you press the hands forward. 16x
  • Step 4 Sit into the squat and hold in the low position.  Press the hands forward to clasp hands. Keeping the legs still, rotate your trunk from left to right, with the arms extended in front.  16x

Lunge with bi-ceps/ tri-ceps and oblique twist.

  • Step 1.  Stand with feet hip width apart, right leg front.  Place left foot a stride length back, heel lifted.  With arms down by the side, holding a weight in each hand, bending both knees and lower straight down.  Return to standing. 16x
  • Step 2  Stand with feet hip width apart, arms by your side, palms facing in.  Bend the elbows, drawing hands toward shoulders.  Return to start.
  • Step 3.  Combine the two movements, drawing the hands up as you lower into the lunge.  16x
  • Step 4:  Lower into the low point of the lunge and hold.  Place the weights on the floor and then hands behind your head. Keeping your back straight, bend slightly forward at the hip and draw left elbow to right knee.  Return to start.  16x


  • Repeat step one with left leg front
  • Step two: Stand with feet hip width apart.  Hold one or two weights with both hands overhead.  Bend the elbows lowering weights past the back of the head.  Return to start.
  • Step three: Combine the first two moves with hands lowering as the body lowers.
  • Step 4: repeat as above with right elbow to knee.


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