Fuel Your Kids For School

Connie Evers, a registered dietitian and author of How to Teach Nutrition to Kids, joined us to share the importance of a great breakfast on a child's ability to learn. She also show us some quick, easy and delicious ideas for school day breakfasts. 

  • Breakfast is the meal most directly related to school performance. Kids who eat before school are better able to think, focus, and learn. Studies show that eating breakfast influences memory, test grades and school attendance.
  • Eating breakfast has been linked to healthy body weight in both children and adults.
  • Kids who eat breakfast take in more nutrients over the course of the day than their breakfast-skipping peers.
  • Young brains need to recharge with the right balance of nutrients. Make sure breakfast includes a protein source, a whole grain, and a source of fruit or vegetable.
  • Plan ahead for busy mornings. Always have some “quick grab” foods available for the mornings your child is dashing to catch the school bus.
  • Another option is for your child to eat breakfast at school. Nearly all Oregon schools offer a breakfast meal.
 For more information, visit Connie's website.  For the recipe, click here.


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