Ten Rules to Live and Love By

Laure Redmond, Self-Esteem Coach and author of Feel Good Naked, joined us to share her "Ten Rules to Live and Love By":

  1. Relax when times get tough; assuming that "this too shall pass" allows you to roll with the punches.
  2. See your partner through the lens of love rather than fear.
  3. Recognize that the dynamic of the relationship is the reflection of what you need to learn.
  4. Honor your partner's path and allow them the space to find their own way. This sends a clear message of respect.
  5. Stop pointing fingers at others, while always focusing on what they’re not doing right – Instead, singularly focus on your choices and results.
  6. Be grateful for what you have. This zeros in on what is working, which in turn magnetizes more of the same.
  7. Follow the path of your own creativity. This keeps you attuned to that which moves and inspires you.
  8. When you don't know how to handle a problem, clear the air of energy blocks that might be fueling the bad cycle. Take a shower, change your clothes, tidy up your office, vacuum the living room, open a window, change the sheets on your bed.
  9. Be willing to forgive yourself and your partner and to make amends when necessary. Know that this is an ongoing process of cleanup.
  10. Keep up your personal growth, keep your mind sharp and your awareness keen.

For more information, visit Laure's website.


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