Fall Fashion Trends for Portland


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Summer's just about over...and that means we start thinking about what to wear for fall.  Fashion Stylist, Elizabeth Teater, gave Tammy Hernandez her take on Portland's own fall fashion trends.

In Elizabeth's own words, here's what she came up with:

I asked local boutique owners and fashion designers about their favorite trends for fall -- specifically, styles they think will be great for women in Portland. Here they are.

Botanical prints. They have been popular the past couple falls and winters, and will continue to be. Flower and leaf prints in dark colors are elegant and lively. Most Portlanders would rather blend in with their surroundings than contrast them in a flashy way, so botanical prints are a nice way to wear something fashionable and also be in tune with the natural beauty of the region. On AM Northwest I showed a dark flower-print dress by local designer Sarah Bibb.

Drapey necklines. Whether it's a big cowl neck or just a soft drape, there is a trend toward softness around the chest and face. Local fashion buyers tell me a drapey top is great for Portland because it's a way to look dressy but still wear pants in the rain and cold. A drapey top can go with jeans, but it can also go under a suit instead of a button-down shirt. It's best to wear this top with something slim and narrow on the bottom, so you don't just look like you've ballooned overall. Also, look for a comfy dress with a drapey neck -- it will look fancy but feel so easy to wear. Tip: if you have a big chest, try just a small subtle drape. On AM Northwest I showed a drapey top by local designer Gretchen Jones and a drapey-necked dress by local designer Sarah Bibb.

Convertible pieces. An interest in clothes that can be worn more than one way surfaces every decade or so. The current crop of mult-way garments are really cool because they're good quality and chic-looking -- not gimmicky things you'd never bother to convert. There are wrap shirts that can be worn a dozen different ways. Reversible skirts. Convertible dresses. People want their money to go further right now, and this is one way to do that: you literally get two (or more) for the price of one. And, the practical Portland woman will love being able to secretly wear the same thing to days in a row. On AM Northwest I showed reversible skirts by local designer Sarah Bibb.

Sequins. Something you associate more with Las Vegas than Portland, right? But boutique owners tell me that the sequin trend is great for Portland because it's another way to make your cozy clothes a little dressier this fall. Instead of wearing a dress out in the rain to an event this fall and winter, you can put a sequined tank top with your pants and heels, then throw on a cardigan or jacket. Even adding a sequined scarf to a jeans outfit takes it to another level without losing any comfort. Also, don't be afraid to wear sequins during the day. A little sparkle is welcome any time -- it's not just an evening thing anymore. On AM Northwest I showed a tank top with sequined neckline from my own closet. I haven't worn it for years but now its time has come again.

Tunic dress. Even very fashionable Portlanders generally don't like to look flashy. As designer Gretchen Jones says, people here like to look accessible, adaptable, and comfortable. So, a soft, body-skimming tunic that can be worn with leggings or jeans fits this mood perfectly. Add a belt if you want a more defined waist, or leave it loose. Go bare-legged and wear it as a mini-dress for a sexier occasion. Add a cardigan or wool blazer, tights and boots on a chilly day. Something that layers easily, feels soft on the skin, and is visually contemporary but not "loud" is perfect for Portland. On AM Northwest I showed tunic dresses by local designer Gretchen Jones.


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