Get Closer to Your Guy through Sports

Alicia Inns grew up with a brother who played sports year round and a dad who played professional rugby and soccer. She was surrounded by sports and eventually became a fan of them and soon realized how easy it can be to have a conversation, yes a conversation, with a man if you can relate to them through sports. She had the following advice to getting to know your man better through sports.

**"Learn the Lingo" This means that doing a little research can go a long way. The next time your guy says "Man what a nice TD" or "Can't believe this is going into OT"'ll know what he is talking about. Websites like espn and sports illustrated can help explain terms and players. And the book  "Girls Guide to Sports" really help outline those terms in an easy to understand manner

**"Let Him Show Off His Sports Smarts"....Men like to talk about what they know because it gives them a sense of power and what better way to feed his ego than to ask questions! will make him feel smart and prove that you are really trying to understand what's happening. Don't overload the questions though...too many could lead to frustration and then he won't want to watch them with you at all.

**"Get Into the Drama of the Game"...sports, especially football and baseball, are All-American games that may bore women but in actuality they are just like a soap opera with emotion, strategy, and that element of surprise. Look for that and then relate it to something that relates to you.

**"Practice Your Entertaining Skills!"
If you can't get into the game, make it work to your advantage. It is fun to try out new party foods, and guys watching football typically love to snack. Plan to cook up a few new party foods during a football game day. You can try out chicken wings, different dips or put up a big pot of chili and have leftovers for the week. This way, you can get into the spirit of the football/sports culture, and sharpen your appetizer skills for your next get together!



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