Breaking Through Language Barriers

When “What?” is not enough. We’ve all had this happen:  You’re talking with a colleague, co-worker, customer or supplier and you cannot understand the person with whom you’re speaking.  This can also happen when you’re talking with a medical professional, getting computer support or calling a financial institution.  These types of situations are becoming more familiar – and can be frustrating.  Get tips to better understand the person with whom you’re communicating.  We invite you to watch and learn the techniques of “how you listen matters.”

Speech-Language Pathologist and Business Communications Consultant, Karla Beck had these techniques for “active” listening.

What to say                                                      What this means

 1.  I’m sorry, I didn’t understand you.         The listener takes responsibility for not hearing  correctly.

2.  Can you please repeat that?                   Provides specific feedback about what the
 Speak slower?  Speak louder?                   listener needs.

3.  Can you use a different word?                Invites the speaker to provide the same information differently.

4.  Can you rephrase that?                            Encourages the speaker to provide another  description.

5.  You are going to do what right now?     Specifies which part the listener doesn’t  understand.   

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