How Men Think Women Sabotage Relationships

Life Success Coach Karen LaVoie shared some insights into what men really think about how women handle their relationships.

1.      Women are too attached to their appearance.  They have bought into the societal pressures of how they “should” look opposed to how they feel about themselves.  This drives men away! The truth of who you are has been lost and or buried under the material world of  clothing, make-up, hair styles, crazy diets and such that most women have given their power away  by seeking approval from men in regard to their physical appearance.  A truthful man appreciates a woman who trusts their inner beauty of wisdom, laughter, strength, multi-tasking abilities, nurturing abilities and the wonderful gift of intuition --just to name a few.  Women you have the power to change how you think and act.  In the end men get over the outer appearance and are endeared to your TRUE inner self.

2.       Women are innately honest and yet in order to fit in to a male dominate society they have embraced lying and cheating with the belief, “Well, men do it—so should I.” Societies’ standards are so weak that we just expect and accept these qualities.  Note, not all men and women lie and cheat. 

Women, honesty is not a weakness – it is real power! Men want to be able to trust you. Open up and be honest if you feel the relationship is going in the wrong direction. Cheating is not the way to solve a dwindling love life or a relationship that should be ending. Lying that you still love them when you are “hunting” for another man when you are out with your girl friends only weakens your ability to trust others and to attract an honest man in the future --Like attracts like. 

Men do value loyalty and honesty even if they are not telling you.  If a man believes you are cheating or lying for whatever reason he will move on, unlike women who will stick out a “lying -cheating” relationship for months or years.  Women, be honest and move on when you know it is over!  Respect yourself so others can, then you will attract the “right” man in the next relationship.

3.     Intuition is a gift that is associated with women.  Men do have it.  Women have been more highly attuned to intuition because it is a female energy. Trust this knowing.  It can improve your relationships.  When you say, “I knew it.” (Meaning you intuitively knew) all the time to your partner this angers them. You are just throwing your intuition in their face –rubbing it in.  Stop that behavior. It is a key factor into why men resent intuition.

You know intuitively your mate is struggling to share some information with you.  Bring it up.  Say, “Intuitively, I feel you want to talk to me about our financial situation and I am open to talking about it.  It is safe to open up to me.  I am here to listen.”  This can be most helpful and healthy for your relationship opposed to you keeping it inside and allowing your mate to suffer and struggle.  Another example is you intuitively know he wants to go golfing and he has not mentioned it.  Say, “Are you going to go golfing today?  It would be good for you!  You enjoy it being with your friends or out in nature.  I love how happy it makes you.”  A supportive relationship is a fun and loving one.  Men know you are intuitive and expect you to use it!

4.                    Women have been raised and are still being raised to “act” like men.  Be intellectually driven, forceful, controlling, oppressive and demanding in the work place and this is spreading into the household.  Men are offended and confused by these actions. Women, your true power is in being loving, kind, thoughtful, CONFIDENT, a good listener and CALM.  Step back and assess the situation, then take a calm and supportive approach to situations and respect those in your home.  This is true power. 

Also, a happy, healthy relationship is one of no attachment.  Meaning you cannot control another person so be OK with that --Love them for who they are, not who you want them to be.  Men love being loved and appreciated in a non-attachment way.  NO attachment means you love them without expecting them to do the dishes, put the toilet seat down, mow the yard…love them – period.  A woman’s love is so powerful that a man will jump through hoops when it is expressed with no attachment.  Good men seek true love.  Stop attempting to be a man and be the loving, wise and powerful woman that you are innately and let the man be the man.

5.       Last but not least.  Women you have the strength and pain tolerance that supports childbirth.  This does not mean you are not allowed to feel pain and express it.  Express your emotions.  Embrace who you are.  Love who you are.  Men are more than OK with a woman expressing her emotions, because when a woman is confident to express her emotions that includes the amazing power of LOVE.

 In addition, a woman’s love whether it be romantic or not is profound.  That love calms a room, nurtures all that been exposed to it and supports creativity.  CREATIVITY flows from LOVE – love for all that is in your world.  Men find this kind of woman beautiful, powerful and sexy.  Enjoy being who you truly are. Men seek emotionally healthy women.

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