How to Put the "Law of Attraction" to Work

Dating Coach Donna Dzwonkas says that by being more aware, or in touch with yourself, you can more easily put the "Law of Attraction" to work in your life. "The Law of Attraction" is about feeling and projecting out to the universe because we are made of energy and the vibrations we transmit out to universe and to others will be the result of what shows up in our life.  It didn’t just show up in our life, we are at the helm of our destination.   There are always forks in the road and we get to freely choose the path that leads us to peace, love and inner happiness.

How to get to this place?

Physically and mentally get yourself in shape.
Exercise 3 – 5 times per week to increase the blood flow to your brain so that you can more easily achieve your dreams and effectively communication with others.

Other ways: Healthy diet, drink enough water daily, eat vegetables, grains, and fruits.  Eat real food and read food labels. Exercising, eating well, and having a healthy emotional frame of mind makes you feel fantastic and your vibrant spirit shows.  Excessive alcohol robs you of this opportunity for bliss and joy.

Taking deep breaths on a regular basis and learning to breath properly throughout the day and meditating will help you tremendously with relationships.

These things can lead you to be a truly happy person, but you have to take a step in the right direction and form a new habit.

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