"A Master of Speculative Fiction" Author Greg Bear

The Los Angeles Times calls Greg Bear “one of the masters of speculative fiction.”  The Chicago Tribune says he “takes a profound and unusual approach to the near and far future.”  Entertainment Weekly states that he “confidently delivers a mix of forensic handiwork, bureaucratic insight, and futuristic speculation.” When it comes to writing near-future thrillers, critics and fans alike agree that no one does it better than Greg Bear. 
 In 2005, Greg Bear’s Quantico painted a picture of an America in deep economic crisis—four years later, that is no longer prediction but fact. Bear is widely regarded as one of the finest future-modelers in the world.  Now, in Mariposa the successor to Quantico, he writes a new kind of thriller, inspired by the wisdom of Pogo—“We have met the enemy, and he is us.”
Brilliantly imagined and utterly terrifying, Mariposa is a superb cautionary tale about one of the greatest threats facing America today: The growing privatization of our military and national security institutions. Combining cutting-edge science with events that dominate our headlines, Greg Bear again weaves a riveting near-future thriller so frighteningly believable that it just might happen tomorrow. 
In 2009, Bear served as Master of Ceremonies for the Homeland Security technology seminar in Washington D.C.,  and will attend a special conference on UAVs—unmanned aerial vehicles--in April 2010


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