Stop Stressing Out This Holiday Season

Feeling overwhemled by the holiday season?  Psychotherapist and life coach Didi Zahariades, MA, joined us with some simple way to have a more fulfilling time.

  1. Be realistic:   Spend time reviewing your schedule in advance.  Remember you can’t say Yes to everything; leave room on your plate to be spontaneous.
  2. Put You on your own to-do list:  Find a balance between time on your own and time with others. Give yourself time to re-charge your energy with down-time as well as activities.  You are expected to have fun during the holidays; so make time for things you like; stay on your own To-do list!
  3. Do something new/different this holiday season, just for you &/or your family:  Re-evaluate your holiday traditions; just because it used to work doesn’t mean it still does.  Create new traditions that serve your family.
  4. Get some exercise:  Make this holiday about MORE than just food with friends.  Be a friend to you also.
  5. Focus on Quality time, not Quantity time:  Focus on the activity/person; invest quality time.  Be cautious of consistently focusing on the next event, person, or future project.  Be present and mindful when you have something scheduled or simply have coffee with a friend. 
  6. Spend more time, and less money, on your gifts:  Family and friends love the idea that you took time on their gift.  It truly is the thought that counts; when you take the time to put thought/energy into a gift it is appreciated.  It is also a good way to enjoy a day verses fighting the crowds at the mall.
  7. Play and Enjoy!:  Fun ‘play days’ create better pay-days!  It is as important for an adult to play as it is for a child.  We put time into those things/people we believe are important; find time to enjoy and have fun with those important to you. 

For more information about Didi, visit her website.


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