Work In a Workout Sitting Down

Fitness expert Beth Oliver took away Dave's excuses for not exercising by showing him easy ways to work in a workout while sitting down. 

These are quick and easy energy boosters and stress releasers that you can do at your desk or in your kitchen as a break from wrapping Christmas presents or even during the commercials of your favorite Holiday TV show.

Seated exercises

Chair Rise
a. From a seated position, raise your body to stand upright.
b. Sit back down. Repeat as many times as you can in 30 seconds.
Seated March with leg extension
a. While seated, place your hands on your legs or on the sides of your chair and raise your left knee, then lower it.
b. Raise your right knee, then lower it. Repeat on each leg, one at a time. Perform at your own pace for 1 to 3 minutes at a time.
c. Raise right knee then extend and hold for a count of five. Bend the knee to set foot down.

Seated Biceps Curls
a. While seated, place resistance tubing under your firmly planted feet.
b. Grasp the handles, palms up, and raise your hands toward your shoulders, bending your elbows. Slowly lower to the starting position. Do one or two sets of 12 to 15 repetitions each.
Upright Row
a. While seated, place the resistance tubing under your firmly planted feet. Grasp the handles with palms down. Raise your hands to shoulder height with elbows bending.
b. Slowly lower to starting position. Focus on the contraction in your shoulder muscles. Do one to two sets of 12 to 15 repetitions each.

Twist and Tip
a. While seated with hands interlaced behind your head twist to the left and the right in a fluid motion.
b. With hands behond head, tip right elbow to hip and then left elbow to left hip.

Chest, Chin and Back
a. While seated with hands behind head, pull shoulder blades together and elbows back, lifting chin slightly. Dran abs in tight and pull elbows together.repeat about 8times.
b. Plave palms on the top of your head with with elbows touching in front.  Draw your chin towards your chest and hold for a few breaths.
c. Open the feet slightly wider than hip width.  Fold forward laying abdomen on the thighs.  Release arms and the back of the neck.  Stay for several breaths.


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