Holiday Flower Fairies

Fine Artist, Rebecca Shapiro, showed us how fun and easy it is to make Holiday Flower Fairies.  This craft will keep kids busy and happy too!  Once you've made a couple, hang them on your tree or use them to embellish packages.


  • pipe cleaners (silver or gold)
  • nail clipper or wire cutter
  • ruler
  • scissors
  • needle nose pliers
  • glue or hot glue gun
  • pony beads (metallics are pretty for this project)
  • wood beads for head
  • fine tipped markers for face
  • doll hair or yarn (optional)
  • metallic thread (silver or gold)
  • small flower for crown
  • red poinsettia fake fabric flowers
  • white poinsettia fake fabric flowers

NOTE: some fake flowers have plastic "veins" on the underside of each petal. Try to purchase flowers that do not have the plastic backing. The plastic makes the flowers stand out but don't make a nice skirt for the fairy. If you end up with plastic on the back of your flowers, simply iron the flowers flat with an iron set on medium/high. Make sure to iron on the fabric side only. While the plastic is still warm, you can bend the flowers over your finger into a nice skirt shape.


  1. Pull the fake poinsettia flowers apart. Discard/recycle the stems and leaves.
  2. Use a nail clipper or wire cutter to cut a 6 1/2" piece of pipe cleaner. This will make the legs and body.
  3. Cut a 2 1/2" piece of pipe cleaner to make the arms.
  4. Bend the long piece in half.
  5. Center the short piece (arms) on top of the folded long piece, about 1/2" down from the top.
  6. Fold the top down over the arms, through the legs and wrap back up to form the neck.
  7. Slide a pony bead over the legs and just under the arms. This makes the bodice.
  8. Slide a small white or red poinsettia petal under the bodice. This makes the top skirt.
  9. Slide a larger white or red poinsettia petal under the top skirt. This makes the bottom skirt.
  10. Slide a pony bead over the legs and bend the legs out a little to hold the bead in place.
  11. Take the needle nose pliers and bend the ends of the arms and legs back to form the hands and feet and blunt the ends of the wire.
  12. Cut a 10" piece of metallic thread, thread through the neck and knot. This string will allow you to hang the ornament.
  13. Slide the knot towards the neck and crimp the wire loop shut. This will hide the knot in the string.
  14. Slide the wooden head bead over the metallic thread and down onto the neck. Depending upon the hole size in the wooden bead (they tend to vary), you may need to glue to the head onto the neck.
  15. Once the head is securely in place, you may add hair (this is optional).
  16. To add hair, take a few pieces of yarn or doll hair and glue to the top of the head making sure to keep the metallic thread out of the way. Just pull the metallic thread back so it doesn't get caught up in the glue.
  17. To hide the bead hole in the top of the head, take a small bud or flower, push into the hole and glue in place.
  18. Once the head, hair and crown is secure, take fine pointed markers and draw two eyes and a mouth for the face.

Your holiday flower fairy is ready to hang or be given to a teacher, neighbor, friend or grandparent to be enjoyed for years to come! You can also make flower fairies with any color pipe cleaners, beads and flowers. Make them to hang or give as dolls for friends to collect.

For more information about Rebecca Shapiro, check out her website


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