"Whole Body" Techniques for Reducing Stress

Steve Sisgold, author of What's Your Body Telling You, had advice for coping with stress from the economy.

1) Scan your mind to separate fact from fiction. Fact: You lost your job. Fiction: You "think" you'll never get a job again.

2) Scan your body to detect and release tension.

3) Breathe - this helps instantly calm your anxiety down and helps you gain focus.

4) Dwell less and fear thought and exercise more.

5) Communicate - tell others what you're feeling and get their support.

6) Innovate - think and act out of the box. What can you do to stretch yourself and make your resume, skills and/or service unique to others.

7) Look for hidden or "golden" opportunities to turn a dream, idea or talent into a business.


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