5 Foods for Better Health

Rania Batayneh, Nutritionist and Wellness Coach, joined us today to tell us about the 5 foods she's like to see us all eat more of in the new year.

• Tomatoes- Heart disease is the number one killer of women in the US.  Tomatoes help fight heart disease and also help the health of the prostate -- which is a great thing for men.

• Walnuts- A non controversial omega-3 source.  There has been so much bad press about mercury and fish that we need to remember that there are vegetarian sources of omega-3’s. Great for our memory. 

• Kidney beans- With all of the detox diets out there, people do not realize that our body naturally detoxifies it self through the kidneys, breathing and elimination.  Beans are a staple and can be added to salads.

• Celery- Vitamin D was huge in 2009 -- not only for breast health and depression but also for bone health. Celery is also great for our bones. In addition, it can help our immunity. So it is not just with peanut butter for kids !

• Avocado- Another good fat- great for our hair, skin and nails. We need good fat to absorb fat and to burn fat.


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