How to Make Fitness Resolutions Stick

Fitness Expert, Beth Oliver, joined us today with great tips to help us all stick with our New Year's Resolutions to work in more workouts!

Here are Beth's tips:

It’s time to set our fitness and health goals.  If you are like most people, you are well intentioned…..but, have trouble sticking to your resolutions.  Here are the three most common mistakes I see with my clients, when they are setting goals.

  1. They stop at “What” are forget about the when, where, why , who and how.
  2. They rely on “self-discipline” instead of strategy.
  3. They plan the things they “aren’t” going to do, instead of the things they “are” going to do.

Here is a little mini-workout you can do easily during a commercial break.   All you need is your couch and a pillow!

  1. Couch squats: Stand in front of your couch.  Begin to sit down, but stop just before you do.  Stand and repeat 10 times.
  2. Couch dips:  with feet shoulder width on the floor, sit on the edge of the couch.  Wrap your fingers forward on the edge of the coach and slide your hips off.  Bend your elbows lowering your hips below the level of the coach, and then straighten your arms.  10 x
  3. Kneeling oblique twists:  Kneel on the floor with the pillow from your couch under your back knee.  With your hands behind your head, twist and bring your opposite elbow to your front knee, return to starting position.  10x  Switch sides
  4. Knee push ups:  with both knees on the pillow walk hands forward until your body is on a diagonal line.  Open  arms wider than shoulder width.  Bend elbows lowering body towards floor.  Straighten arms.  10x
  5. Childs Pose: From your push-up position, pull your hips back to your heels to rest.


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