More Tips for Fitness Resolutions

Beth Oliver offered a new batch of tips to help us stick with our New Year's Resolutions to work in more workouts in 2010!

Here are Beth's tips:

Here are my four favorite tips for making and keeping resolutions.  They are so important to success, that my first session with a new client would always be just an in-depth discussion around these items.

1. Have a specific, value based goal.  Some people refer to this as an intrinsic motivator, as opposed to an “extrinsic” motivator.

2. Create a strategy, and share it with your support group.

3. Attach pleasure to change:

  • What positive differences will occur?
  • How will this change benefit you physically, mentally, emotionally, financially etc?
  • How will this change impact the people I car about?

4. Notice all the positive ramifications that occur when you take positive action.

Let’s look at another little mini workout we can do in just a few minutes at home or in the office.  All you need is a Thera-band.

1. Shoulder Circles:  hold your arms horizontally in front of you with the band held between hands.  Circle your arms over head and then back to the front.  10x

  • More challenge: stand on one leg, which will challenge your balance and make you use your core more.

2. Back Strengthener: Hold the band as above.  Bend your elbows and pull the band towards your chest.  Return to start. 10x

  • More challenging: Stand on one leg, with the band looped around the foot of your extended leg. 
  • With hands shoulder width on the band, pull your elbows in and past your rib-cage. 
  • Return to start.  10x

3. Chest Press:  With band behind your upper back, press hands forward to straighten arms.  Return to start.  10x

  • More Challenge: Repeat the chest press while sitting back into a squat.

4. Tri-cep Extension : Hold the band in your hand with one arm overhead.  Reach the other hand behind to grab the bottom of the band.  Keep the bottom hand stationary, bend the top elbow to lower hand behind head.  Return to start.  10 x

  • More challenging: Perform the tri-cep extension while doing a lunge.


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