"Make Every Day A Friday"

It’s Monday morning and you roll over to turn off your alarm. Do you smile
or sigh? If you’re connecting who you are with what you do than you’re
probably smiling. But if you hate your job and are dreading going into
work, you’re doing pretty well too. Why? Because hating your job is a gift.
Marina Spence, author of Make Every Day a Friday!, says that it’s a
breakthrough realizing that you hate your job because when you’re clear
on what you don’t like, you can discover what makes you thrive.

In Make Every Day a Friday! Marina Spence encourages a career change epidemic. She’s especially passionate about women
doing this since all of the traditional leaders in our society are men. You can start, Spence says, by getting in touch with
your inner child, who was so excited to grow up.“As a child, going to work looks so exciting – driving and making a living.
Somewhere along the way it became dread. Get back to the inner child where we get so excited about the little things.
It’s never too late. Real joy is an inside job.

Here are her 6 Ways to Make Every Day a Friday in 2010

1. Shake off the “It’s Just a Job” Attitude—Start by noting how much time you spend at work!

2. Take Inventory—What do you like and don’t like about your job?  Hating your job can be a gift if you understand what specifically needs to go and what can stay.

3. Set Boundaries—Make a list of the things you’ve tolerated in 2009 on your job that you will not tolerate this year.  It could be working overtime, letting your boss yell at you, checking email at home, not earning enough, not bringing your best self to work….

4. Dream—What would you do without pay?  How can you bring more of that into your life now?  Into your current job?

5. Follow the Energy—What makes you feel vibrant and alive on the job?  Track what gives you energy for a week, so that you can angle to do that more.  Also track what drains you, so you can develop work-arounds where possible.

6. Be grateful—Every day, note 10 things you’re grateful for by noon and you’ll notice them all day long.  Make “thank you” your mantra.

For more on Marina visit her website by clicking here.


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