Your Number One Relationship Resolution

Marriage and Family Therapist Kelly Hoffman say if you've ever wondered if there is one thing you could do that would improve your relationships, improve your life, here it is: You must learn to respect your self and others.

What respect does not look like:
comebacks, put downs, negative talk, snide remarks, eye rolls, steam rolling, getting quiet, feeling resentful, hating, feeling frustrated, the usual suspects

Here's what respect does look like:
Kindness, courtesy, yeah yeah, but what about when someone disrespects you?!!
then it looks like BOUNDARIES!!! boundaries boundaries boundaries, did I mention boundaries.
People have such a hard time setting boundaries for others and respecting other peoples boundaries. In almost every relationship problem I see someone is either being a steam roller and squashing another persons boundaries, or someone is allowing themselves to be squashed.

Respect looks like emotion without vindictiveness if someone is hurting you. Respect looks like a willingness to acknowledge your steamroller tendency if you realize you are doing it or someone points it out to you.


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