What Do Men Really Want in a Woman

Fitness Guru, Jari Love, conducted a Sex and Fitness Surveyt o find out what exactly men and women are looking for in a partner.  Below are the surprising results of Jari's survey as reported by Jari in the Calgary Herald:

"We got over 600 responses from married and single men and women.

I know we don't like to admit it, but let's be honest ladies, how many of us kill ourselves at the gym and constantly watch what we eat in the hopes of turning the heads of a man or two, or just to appease the man we married in hopes that he still thinks we are hot?

And how many of us beat ourselves up both internally and physically, feeling our thighs and tummy after indulging in our favourite chocolate dessert because of what it will do to our figure?

I know many of us do, and -- with the media bombarding us with images of ultra slim models and celebrities with super toned muscles telling us if they can do it, so should we! -- is it surprising we feel the pressure?

But, are these images what men want? Are men most attracted to these body types?

Surprisingly what my survey revealed was an overwhelming no! Seventy four per cent of men said that their ideal body type was not "slender" or "athletic and toned" but "fit and curvy".

In fact the majority selected Beyonce over either a Paris Hilton or Madonna type.

They may be slim and willowy, but that is not what turns most men on.

While fitness is important, men do prefer women with a softness around the middle.

But, this left me confused. If men aren't interested in super defined muscles or super slender waistlines, who exactly are we women trying to please with all the hours spent in the gym and dieting?

Thinking back--wasn't Marilyn Monroe considered to be the greatest sex symbol of all time? Guess what? Her average size was 14 to 16!

When I train women of all shapes and sizes, one of their top requests is to get that sixpack ab look. To achieve that six-pack look your body fat would have to be under 12 per cent, and this is considered unhealthy and dangerous!

Hold onto that thought because NOT one man listed abs as a preferred body part--you heard me right ladies, not one!

In fact, based on the survey, which body type do you think was the favourite among men -- was it the chest, legs, arms, abs or butt -- can you guess? Almost 50% of all men chose the 'bootie' as the favourite body part among the women with legs and chest following behind.

What else that was interesting is that just a mere 51% of married men say that their wife was the same weight when they married them. Of the men I spoke to, one man commented by saying, "Women marry men to change them and men marry women not to change."

Don't get me wrong -- it was very loud and clear that of the men I spoke to that men love their wives.

What they find discouraging is when the women they married have let themselves go.

They stopped taking care of themselves.

Let's face it ladies, men are turned on visually. Does this mean you have to be thin and be dressed like you are going out to dinner--of course not!

Here is what I can tell you --of the women that work to get themselves back into shape; they make many positive steps not only physically, but of course mentally too.

Exercise and eating healthy makes us feel so much better about ourselves and when we feel good about ourselves, we are more confident which means sex can be a lot more enjoyable!"

Jari Love, The Creator Of The Get Ripped! Workout Series, Is A Calgary-based Certified Professional Trainer. 



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