Sustainable Motivation

The beginning of the year often comes with pressure to embark on a course of life changes.  Whatever the goal may be the source of your motivation will determine the longevity and satisfaction of the success.  Executive Life Coach Stephanie Somanchi had advice for sustaining the motivation.

 Understand Why & What You Want to Change:
Seek to identify specifically what you want to change and how that will make you feel.
Often we embark on change because we hate who and what we are right now, and decide that meeting our goal will transform us into a person of worth and value.  We fool ourselves into the belief that the success, body, money or relationships will be our place of happiness. 

 Negative Motivation is NOT Sustainable
Self-disapproval destroys your self-esteem and your ability to continue change.
Beginning change from a place of self-loathing draws from a pool of motivation that self-cannibalizes.  It is true that you can hate yourself into a bikini-body by June or you can intimidate yourself into meeting yearly sales goals, but the effects will not be sustainable.  You are metaphorically eating limbs to fuel your goals.  The effects will leave you disabled.

 Positive Motivation IS Sustainable
Self-approval builds you and assists in continuing actions to meet your goals.
Successful, sustainable motivation seeks to build you.  It begins by finding your motivation in self-worth.  You are so wonderful that you deserve to be healthy and full of energy.  You are so valuable that you are willing to earn the best in your career.  This pool of motivation never runs dry because it builds you and feeds your core. 

 Celebrate Yourself & the Journey
Give yourself “internal” parties for every step you take now, don’t wait!
Focus on feeling what you want the goal to give you and allow yourself to enjoy the journey of the experience.  Self-worth driven motivation allows you to enjoy the journey and celebrate the destination because it is something that you have created because of your great value, not false hope that the goal will grant you value and happiness.

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