Household Hints

From slamming cupboards to dull jewelry  we have viewer tips on everyday household  items that can serve double duty.

Coca Cola can be used to clean and shine tarnished jewelry.
How To -- Pour Coke into a bowl and let jewelry soak for 5-10 minutes, rinse with cold water.

Leftover Wine Corks can be used to stop cabinets from slamming.
How To -- Slice cork into thin disks, glue one disk onto the outside corner of a cabinet (the corner opposite the hinge). This will soften the impact when the cabinet is pushed closed.

Empty Tissue Box can be used to store leftover plastic shopping bags so they are neat and readily available when needed.
How To -- Roll up bags and put them into box so that part of the last bag placed in is stick up, just as a kleenox.

Post-it Notes can be used to clean in between the keys of a keyboard.
How To -- Fold Post-it note in half so that the sticky strip is facing outwards. Run it between the keys so that the crumbs and dust stick to it.

Lubriderm Lotion works as a shoe shine for leather shoes.
How To -- Place some lotion onto a cloth and rub over shoes, finish  by rubbing a clean cloth over shoes to remove an remaining residue.

Peanut Butter is a great way to remove the leftover price tag sticker from glass or mirrors.
How To -- Rub smooth peanut butter onto the sticker. If needed let sit. Then wipe clean.

Stainless Spoons remove the smell of onions, garlic, or fish from hands.
How To -- Under warm water Rub spoon in-between hands as if it were a bar of soap.

Sharpen Scissors by cutting tin foil with them.
How To -- Fold Tim foil three times. Cut with scissors multiple times.


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