Nutrition & Health Questions Answered

Nutritionist and Wellness Coach, Rania Batayneh, joined us today to answer some of the health and nutrition questions she gets asked most often:

Will becoming a vegetarian help me lose weight?

  • This easily boils down to calories in verse calories out. If someone is replacing their meat calories with fake meat or veggie calories than their weight will stay the same. However if they are replacing it with starchy calories than they also stand the risk of gaining weight. Even if meat is cut out it is important to keep the balance between protein carbohydrates and fat.

Is cardio a good way to lose weight?

  • Yes, the amount of weight someone loses though and the cardio it takes for them to lose weight all depends on their starting point. It is easy to hit a plateau though where the weight stops coming off with cardio exercise. If this is the case than it is important to change up the type of cardio that is being done.

What is a good source of fiber besides fruit and vegetables?

  • Whole grain, high fiber cereal, oatmeal, couscous.

How important is breakfast?

  • Very! Eating something within an hour of waking up jump starts the metabolism and ensures that overeating won't happen later in the day due to being over-hungry.

How healthy and safe are the detox and cleanse diets?

  • I do not endorse them, I think they can be unhealthy. Instead people should try to eat as clean as possible and the least processed foods. If someone does want to try some sort of cleanse I recommend that they simply cut out sugar and alcohol for a week or two and see how the change makes them feel.

Should white bread be avoided?

  • It is not necessary to avoid it completely, but try to cut it down and mix in whole grain.

What happens when that mid-afternoon sweet craving happens?

  • Indulge in it, but in a way that will keep with your wellness goals. Try some dark chocolate or hot chocolate.

Why do men seem to have an easier time losing more weight than women?

  • Men typically can lose more weight than women. What tends to happen is that if a husband and wife both go on a low-carb diet, the women will replace the carb calories with other calories, while the man will just cut out those calories all together.


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