Women & Heart Disease

Jamie McNamee had a heart attack at age 42… this past year. Looking at Jamie- you’d never guess she’d be at risk for a heart attack. Jamie was a college tennis player and continues to be fit and extremely active. High cholesterol runs in Jamie’s family- but because she was so fit and did not have any other risk factors- she didn’t take medication to control her cholesterol.

Jamie had her heart attack as she pulled into a parking lot. She walked into a meeting and realized she was having the signs of a heart attack. She had someone rush her to Providence Portland Medical Center where Cardiologist Dr. Doug Dawley put two stents in her (to open arteries).
Heart disease kills 240,000 women in the United States each year.
One in three women will die from heart disease, and one in two women will have cardiovascular disease.

Warning signs of a heart attack
Chest discomfort
Shortness of breath
Sweaty feeling
Jaw, neck or arm pain

Risk factors
Blood pressure
High cholesterol (LDL should be lower than 130)
Blood sugar levels (90% of diabetics will have a vascular event)
Lack of exercise
Poor diet (salt raises your blood pressure)


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