How to Become a "Tranquilista"

According to Kimberly Wilson, the author of Tranquilista: Mastering the Art of Enlightened Work and Mindful Play" : “A tranquilista is a woman who embraces her many sides: spiritual (she's a tranquility-seeker), creative (loves style), and entrepreneurial (calls her own shots). She hearts fashion and philanthropy. Parties and prayer. Entertaining and enlightenment. The golden rule and layers of vintage gold bangles. She is you and she is moi. She is full of aspirations and always seeking inspiration. Oh, and she sparkles. Literally.”

A tranquilista seeks to embody these top 5 qualities in her work and play:

1.     Spirituality is a priority. Connect within through ongoing reflection, learning, and growing. Write in your journal. Bask in nature. Roll out your yoga mat. Take time to sit on your meditation cushion. Pray. Get your gratitude on. Set up an altar. Create a morning ritual as the foundation of your day. Connect with your breath.
2.     Take action. Take a moment to note where your time and energy is focused. Reflect on where you want your time and energy to go. Explore ways to shift if reality doesn't match your dreams. Set goals. Create action steps. Post reminders of your dreams where you will see them daily. Design a vision board.
3.     Your life is art. Color outside the lines. Indulge in an artist date. Browse a bookstore or art gallery. Get crafty. Learn to knit. Take a belly dance class. Carry your digital camera at all times to snap inspiration in the moment. Plant an herb garden and watch it grow thanks to your care. Write with color pens. Decorate your planner. Tie ribbons around paperclips.
4.     Exude style. Don clothing that exudes your personality. Accessorize with flower pins, gemstones, cocktail rings, stilettos, pink tights, or Jackie O sunglasses. Send thank you notes. Try red lipstick. Get a facial. Indulge in a bed day. Get your beauty rest. Pen snail mail. Savor a soak in the tub. Communicate clearly. Exercise. Nourish your palate.
5.     Leave a legacy. Launch something to make a difference. Start a blog. Write a book. Produce a podcast. Design a dress. Be the brand. Send an inspiring newsletter. Speak your mind. Teach your truth. Share your expertise. Tweet your message. Host events. Showcase your goods. Set up an etsy store. Diversify. Give back to the community. Make a difference



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