Create More Personal Energy And Success

Self-esteem coach Laure Redmond joined us to share simple steps to create more personal energy and success:

  1. Stop complaining:  Energizing the very thing you don't want to continue by repeatedly complaining, ruminating, whining, moaning or gossiping about it only perpetuates the problem.
  2. Focus your energy on the possibilities of what could be instead of the reality of what is right now. Whether or not you believe it can work doesn't matter.
  3. Start looking for and sharing the stories of abundance that show up in your life.
  4. Go to sleep at night imagining yourself living debt free, healthy and happy.
  5. Apply the Laws of Attraction:  When you think about your life and what you're energizing every day, it should bring a smile to your face and make you feel good about yourself.
  6. Get Outside:  The days are longer, which makes your energy levels go up and your food cravings go down. If you get home and it's still light outside, go for that walk, run or bike ride.
  7. Imagine best-case scenarios.

For more information, visit Laure's website.


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