Sensory Gardens for Kids and Kids at Heart

Looking for a great way to get your kids outside to explore the garden – and maybe even get them hooked on homegrown veggies? Metro Natural Gardening Specialist, Carl Grimm, says picking the right plants, keeping them free of pesticides is the way to go so the whole family can safely enjoy a new favorite hangout.
Grow tactile plants for their friendly foliage
Fuzzy plants like lamb’s ears and waxy ones like succulents are great to run your fingers through and don’t take much water or fertilizer to keep healthy.
Plant fun foods
Strawberries form a nice groundcover and make for tasty grazing. Scarlet runner beans have edible flowers and foot long pods – and you may even be able to trade a handful of their beans for a cow. Growing food is not just fun, but if kids are involved, it is well documented they will eat more fruits and veggies.
Savor the scents of rub-and-sniff plants
Peppermint not only smells good, but also makes any lemonade taste great. Just be sure to keep it in a pot so it does not take over the world. Multicolored sage has a wild aroma, and chocolate mint geraniums are intriguing, for sure.
Birds bring sights and songs
Plant natives such as wintergreen, provide a bug bath and you’ll be well on your way to having plenty of song birds stopping by to serenade you.
Go pesticide-free to protect your kids and your fine-feathered friends
With all that sensory exploration going on in your yard, of course you will want it to be pesticide free!
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