What Women REALLY Want from a Man

Laure Redmond, self-esteem coach and author of Feel Good Naked, joined us on Feel Good Friday to share a few simple ways men can make their women feel special without spending a dime!

  1.  Compliments and affirmations are more powerful then money.  Whether it’s our body, parenting style, home-cooked dinner or a cute comment, we love to know that you adore our efforts and us.
  2. Speak your emotions … nicely.  Use words since we can’t read your mind and we don’t want to have to interpret what you might really mean by your actions.
  3. Commit to being of service first.  In all interactions keep the mantra, "How can I help you?" firmly rooted in your mind.
  4. Playfulness is our libido.  Sharing an activity, flirting and making us laugh = best foreplay.
  5. Become a star in your own backyard.
  6. Have your own hobbies and interests.  We want to be reminded why we fell in love with you, stay interesting and fun.
  7. Remember holidays and special occasions with a heartfelt effort.

For more information, visit Laure's website.


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