Warning Signs Your Child May Have an Eating Disorder

Pediatrician Dr. George Bengston had tips for spotting the warning signs your child may have an eating disorder. If you suspect your child may have an eating disorder schedule an appointment with your doctor to discuss it.

 Restricting food or dieting
  Frequently skipping meals
  Making excuses to avoid eating (e.g. not hungry, upset stomach)
  Tiny servings
  Lo-calorie foods
  Compulsive exercise
  Use of medications to curb appetite

  Empty food packaging
  Cleaned-out fridge/cupboard
  Hidden stashes of food

  Throwing up after meals
  Disappearing after meals
  Covering up vomiting w/ noise, breath mints, perfume
 Distorted body image and altered appearance
  Significant weight loss or gain
  Wearing baggy clothes or multiple layers
  Complaining about being “fat” despite shrinking body size


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