Take a Reality Check!

Life Coach Stephanie Somanchi, MBA PhD. says that waiting to live your best until everything and everyone behaves the way they "should" is only a convenient excuse to not start living your best.  Refocus with a reality check and stop waiting for the "right" conditions.  Your best begins today.

 Accept Reality

Arguing with reality is tough.  Living in the space that people “should” be something different than who they are today will drive you crazy and causes you to exist in a dysfunctional fantasy.

 Respect Reality

If someone has told you through actions that they are not reliable or unkind, it is respectful of yourself and the other person to accept who they are today.  Maybe they should be kinder, honest or more responsible, but if you’re waiting for that day in order to have peace and joy in your life you are limiting your options to respond appropriately. 

 Own Your Power

If you are paying for others’ choices this will only leave you with resentment, anger and impotent to create change in your own life.  By letting go of the idea that people “should” be doing something different, you can move into the reality of who they are and free yourself to make choices that are sensible for you.  You are always in control of yourself!

 Enable Clear Action

Once you are clear on the reality of the situation or the person, you are empowered to take action that makes sense for the situation.  You have stopped living in a fantasy.  This allows you to experience your own peace and joy, and to create the kind of life you wish to live today without having to wait for others to become what they “should.” 



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